This week hasn't been the busiest in telly land, but sure it hardly could be after all the excitement of the last eh? Still, that doesn't mean there wasn't plenty of news. Between placenta smoothies and Downton heirs, there was more than enough going on to keep us busy!

On Monday we were rather excited to hear that a certain ex-EastEnder would be joining the cast of Downton Abbey, and wondered how on earth Steven Spielberg found the time for so many historical epics. We also reminded ourselves why we love Lena Dunham's Girls, there was some very good news for Ricky Gervais, and we got our first look at Lady Mary's baby. PLUS, HBO gave us another pretty awesome Game of Thrones trailer, and we just can't get enough of it these days, y'know?

Things really took a turn for the better on Tuesday when we got our first taste of what was to come for the Mad Men, but some worrying news about Dexter slowed us down just a little. We found out what happened to Luke from The OC, took ourselves on a little journey back through our favourite teen dramas and discovered that one of the best Star Wars characters was signing up for a bit of comedy. It wasn't just a good day for us though, oh no! Zooey Deschanel and Kevin Bacon had cause for celebration too!

On Wednesday we were too scared to touch the blender after a certain make and do smoothie session on The Morning Show, and were shocked to discover Paul Hollywood would be talking baking without Mary Berry. We also discovered who wanted to come back to Coronation Street before Amy Poehler saved the day, just by being herself, y'know?

Thursday saw Sky promising to give us ALL of the Game of Thrones in one place, while we added it to our list of our favourite TV shows based on books. The UK decided they'd destroy another career by sending a reputable act to Eurovision while Helen Flanagan signed up to destroy something else entirely. Oh, and speaking of dodgy decisions, Giles from Buffy, aka Anthony Head, signed on to TV's answer to The Hunger Games. We're not quite sure how that's going to work...

We were only delighted when Friday FINALLY rolled around, bringing with some rather exciting news for Doctor Who fans, and a great big pat on the back for our own Graham Norton. It got even better when Martin Freeman shared some news about Sherlock and two of our favourite Friends finally reunited. And since it was International Women's Day and all, we thought it was only fitting to round off the week with a tribute to Ten Female Icons of Irish TV.

All in all, the week was a bit of a mixed bag, but we're sure there'll be plenty more where that came from, and of course you can head yonder for all your Soapy Bits.