Another week has passed and my has it been an interesting one. You'll have to excuse us today as we're still rather excitable, and ever so slightly stuck in 90s mode, after watching Ant and Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway. We'll save the full explanation for later though, and get back to business as usual, churning out your weekly TV digest.

What started out looking as though it would be a rather quiet seven days in telly land soon became quite busy when a certain young man appeared on a rather important set in Dublin. The Nidge Weasel had better watch his back, that's all we're saying, coolaboola? Here's what happened during The Week In Telly...

On Monday we gave you a Bank Holiday Special, recounting that weekend that was, and Sharon Corr's thonggate. We know, we know, it's so long ago now, but that knicker dress debacle was a tad priceless. There was some sad news, with another telly legend passing away, but our Bank Holiday was sufficiently brightened when the folks over at HBO gave us yet another Game of Thrones trailer. We're pretty psyched to be heading along to a special preview screening of the season opener, and if you fancy joining us on Wednesday evening then you may want to click here.

We can't talk about telly on Monday without mentioning Broadchurch and Bride To Be. We were flicking between the channels like mad yokes, because the ITV mystery drama and Jennifer Maguire's wedding documentary both had us glued to the box. If you missed either of them we suggest you catch up, pronto.

Tuesday was a rather quiet one, with rumours about the X Factor floating about, and The Face making it's way across the water. We were rather shocked when we spotted a certain Downton Abbey star looking very different all together, while out and about in New York city. What would cousin Violet say, eh? And then just when we were least expecting it, a new trailer for Chris O'Dowd's upcoming HBO comedy series dropped: We don't know about you, but we think it looks hilarious.

There was only one name on anyone's lips on Wednesday. Robert Sheehan. The young Laois lad was spotted on the set of Love/Hate, and while the powers that be kept mum, we came up with a few theories of our own to explain his return. Speaking of returns, there was good news for Skins and Misfits fans, Sherlock reared his head again, and Charlie Brooker talked about the future of Black Mirror. Oh, and there was ANOTHER Game of Thrones teaser, because well, y'know, the world can't go a day without one.

Thursday brought with it some exciting news about Veronica Mars, and a welcome return to Sarah Palin territory for Tina Fey. Meanwhile, the Made In Chelsea lads showed us they know how to have a laughJimmy Fallon became the anointed one, and that Chris Brown/Rihanna episode of Law And Order SVU finally made it's way to TV3. We're pretty sure RhiRhi and her fella didn't watch it...

Friday was rather wet, and rather quiet, but it did cap a stellar week for Chris O'Dowd, and we couldn't resist having a bit of a chat about Moone Boy. Sure there's nothing like an articulate haircut don'cha know? We also heard that Richard and Judy were making a bit of a comeback, and learned that Jason Bateman fancied a career change somewhere down the line. Then there was a rumour that we'd be left searching for a new Doctor come Christmas... We're still not sure what to make of that one!

Of course it was far too wild and windy to be heading out on Friday evening, so we curled up on the couch to catch up on our soaps, and find out if Tanya off EastEnders really had slept with Phil Mitchell. Don't worry, those scenes still haunt us while we sleep, and as is the case with much of the rest of the viewing public, it'll be a while before we can sufficiently scrub them out of our eyes... *shudder*

And as for Saturday? Well what can we say? It was all about Ant and Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway, and more specifically the End of The Show Show. We can't even put it into words how much we enjoyed that blast from the past. Whether you love or loathe Saturday night telly, you should really just watch below.

We'll catch you in the same spot this time next week, and until then we suggest you get ready to rumble...