Orlaith Condon's summer podcast is back with daily giggles, conspiracy theories, and debriefs on every episode. If you're not tuning in every morning on your commute, you're missing so much of the show's nuance.

'My Pod On Paper' is to 'Love Island' what the 'Match of the Day' is to football. Orlaith Condon is our host and she chats to a mix of fellow 'Love Island' quasi-experts on everything from Luca's favorite sex position to the lack of diversity within the casting.

Listening to Orlaith and her guests feels like an auditory mirror of the kind of chats we'd have with our friends. It's genuinely like listening to some off-duty detectives crack open 'Love Island' wide open, pouring over every detail of it as though it were the next big case. But, like, more craic.

For a show that's, at least on the surface level, based on looks, vanity, and drama, Orlaith peels back the curtain on the degrees of issues that the islanders' antics bring up, from the silly to the serious.

They deep dive into the issues within the villa, especially the recent bone of contention viewers had over the age-gap between Gemma the 19-year-old and Davide the 27-year-old. They always want they villa to do better, but they do enjoy it for what it is in tandem with their critiques.

With 'My Pod On Paper' you are bound to have a good solid skit, but it also encourages you to have a proper think about what's going on beyond who's coupling up with who, who got pied off, and who had a threesome in a pub with two American ladies.

Orlaith is a 'Love Island' encyclopedia; she can rhyme off references like she has them written on the back of eyelids whether they're about Winter or Summer, Chuggs or Maura, or even the girls coffee orders.

The podcast feels like the audible equivalent to waking up with the gals to have a chin wag about what went on the night before, what was said, who made a fool of themselves, and most importantly, having a laugh about it.

Listen to 'My Pod On Paper' where you get your podcasts.