Cup of tea at the ready and Twitter open, we kicked off 'Love Island' season the way ITV intended — with plenty of memes about the mad things the cast said.

A lot of people felt a bit sour about last night's episode; it got criticism for being kind of lackluster and people weren't necessarily loving the public vote twist that saw couples matched up based on appearance rather than their own choices.

But to that we say... what do you expect? It gave us some genuine awkwardness and second-hand cringe. It's set the drama up perfectly; people who were matched by the public will start to veer away from their partner and steal someone else's.

It even gave us some incredible one-liners like Luca admitting his favorite sex position is "the oyster". If the memes are anything to go by, the season got off to a fantastic start. And we're certain there's more to come.

Naturally, there were horse girl jokes.

Another toe-related dare.

Indiyah seems to be the fan favorite at the minute.

Her match, Ikenna, has some very unique logic.

Liam tried to catch Gemma out and people weren't having it.

Same time tonight so?

We're ready for the re-coupling tonight — it has all the ingredients to be chaos in the best way ever. There are so many questions; who will couple up with Davide? Will Gemma redeem herself? Will Paige keep using the mafia to chat people up?

Watch 'Love Island' on ITV2 and the Virgin Media Player at 9 pm.