We just met the cast of 'Love Island' 2022 this week and there seems to be a few lively folk in the mix. If a picture speaks 1000 words, how much can we tell about them from their star signs?

This is not a drill people — 'Love Island' has announced that for the first time in island history, the public are voting for who they want to couple up on Day 1. Unfortunately, it looks like we can't vote here in Ireland, but we can convince people who can of the couples that should be together based on signs.

There are many things that constitute compatibility or incompatibility; experts tell us that attachment styles can play a part as well as the ways we communicate, our values, and sharing common interests.

But nowadays, there's a way to get a black and white compatibility rating without ever having to meet somebody in real life — as long as we know their birthday.

We've done some sleuthing to uncover the birthdays of the 'Love Island' cast of 2022 and, based on their star signs described by our trusty astrological sources, we're going to try predict who they're going to hit it off with (or not) in the villa next week.

Dami, Aries

As an Aries, we can expect Dami to be quite competitive when it comes to looking for love, but also in the mini-games within the show. As much as they like to compete, they are so not into playing mind games.

Aries are fearless — never shying away from conflict. They can tend to be hotheaded in tense situations, but are extremely enthusiastic to be around.

Most compatible with: Tasha, the Leo

Least compatible with: Gemma, the Taurus

Liam, Leo

Leos tend to see themselves as the "king of the jungle" and really embody that lion spirit; loyalty, confidence, and charm, they entice people easily. Vibrant and full of joie de vivre Leos are often irresistible.

But that same ferocious energy can be their weakness, since they can tend to be stubborn and a little egotistical.

Most compatible with: Paige, the Gemini and Tasha, the Leo

Least compatible with: Indiyah, the Pisces

Tasha, Leo

Like Liam, Tasha may also find herself rising to "queen" status, like a leader within the villa. A model and a dancer, it's no secret that Tasha is outgoing, proud, and fierce.

Inside the villa, Tasha will probably make her presence known; Leos can't stand when they don't command the attention.

Most compatible with: Dami, the Aries and Luca, the Gemini

Least compatible with: Andrew, the Pisces

Amber, Gemini

Geminis notoriously have two sides to their personalities; they can be both very fun and very serious. They are super creative people and get bored of routine quite easily — good luck with 8 odd weeks in the villa.

With a flirtatious nature combined with an indecisiveness, it'll be interesting to see how this Gemini makes waves over the next few weeks.

Most compatible with: Dami, the Aries

Least compatible with: Andrew, the Pisces

Paige, Aquarius

There's a duality when it comes to Aquariuses as well as Geminis. They are deep thinkers and sparky conversationalists but can sometimes lack in confidence that they should have.

They don't usually wear their hearts on their sleeve, so it can be tricky to know exactly how an Aquarius is thinking and feeling, down to their independent nature.

Most compatible with: Luca, the Gemini and Dami, the Aries

Least compatible with: Andrew, the Pisces

Luca, Gemini

Like Amber, Luca is likely to have a funny, cheeky side to him — the kind that chats girls up via puns — but also, perhaps a bit of a darker Gemini side when it comes to settling down.

He's bound to bring a quintessential Gemini energy into the villa, being full of chat and always down to have a bit of craic.

Most compatible with: Paige, the Aquarius

Least compatible with: Indiyah, the Pisces

Indiyah, Pisces

Pisces have so much care, wisdom, and compassion for other people, so Indiyah might end up being the mammy of the house.Their gentleness is an absolute superpower.

On the flip side, they can err on the side of trusting a little bit too much or even let their fear get in the way of things.

Most compatible with: Andrew, fellow Pisces

Least compatible with: Luca, the Gemini

Andrew, Pisces

Like Indiyah, Andrew is a Pisces, meaning he's got that same gentle and wise nature and very well could end up playing a sort of fatherly role inside the villa.

It could be beneficial for Andrew to take his time getting to know people rather than trust somebody from the get go.

Most compatible with: Gemma, the Taurus

Least compatible with: Paige, the Aquarius

Gemma, Taurus

Gemma says family (Michael Owen's her dad) and friends would describe her as "stubborn", "straight up", and "fiery". As far as Tauruses go, that's a pretty accurate description, especially when it comes to criticism.

They're also very devoted and extremely practical romantics who are reliable in love, but also often act as peacemakers.

Most compatible with: Andrew, the Pisces

Least compatible with: Dami, the Aries


We know that Davide is either a Capricorn or Aquarius, since he was born in January. The thing is, those two signs are wildly different; Capricorn is controlled and disciplined, perhaps a bit of a know-it-all, and Aquariuses are humanitarian creatives who can be quite temperamental.

As a Capricorn, his most compatible match would be with Gemma, the Taurus or Indiyah, the Pisces. Buts an Aquarius, he'd be least suited to both perfect matches in Capricorn and be best suited with Amber, the Gemini.


This man is the ultimate wildcard, since we don't even know which month he was born in. He does admit that he has a competitive streak, especially when it comes to sports, which sounds a lot like Dami, the Aries. Oh, and that would mean that they could be competing for similar love matches. Interesting, very interesting.

So, those are your star-based matches. Do you agree with our predictions? Let us know about your suspicions and even unconventional astrological matches you know about.

Stay tuned for more 'Love Island' deep dives, analysis, and goss throughout the summer.