Get ready to have this tab open and keep refreshing it all day, since 'The OGs of Love' are dropping new islanders throughout the day today and we're here to keep you informed.

The countdown to 'Love Island' 2022 is on. Kick-off is next Monday the 6th of June and with one week to go, 'The OGs of Love' are gifting us with this year's islanders.

So get comfy, leave this tab open, and get familiar with the refresh button because we'll have all the updates right here. Let's go, islanders.

Paige, 24

It's the little things that matter to Welsh stunner Paige. She reckons "the small things add up", so we can all but guarantee morning coffees will be in her repertoire. She's sick of the lads in her hometown in Wales and being on 'Love Island' means she can ditch dating apps. Fab.

From what we gather, it seems like Paige will be a bit of a mammy in the villa, admitting that she'll "look after anyone that needs looking after".

When it comes to strategy inside the pink, neon walls, she says that it's important to adhere to "some sort of girl code". Her biggest ick? Weird socks.

Have a nosey at Paige's Instagram right here.

Dami, 26

We've got an Irish man in the gaff! Meet microbiologist Dami, the lovable silly billy, focused on settling down with 'The One'. He's ready to take the right woman home to his mama. As long as they're compatible with his star sign.

As an Aries, he proclaims that he's always putting other people first, "I’m really good at being in a team and actually looking after each other". Ah, sounds like a total dote.

Will Dami stir the pot though? Well, he did reveal that he is generally unfiltered, so... perhaps. He claims, "I just say whatever comes into my head and usually it works, people laugh".

Have a snoop at Dami's Instagram here.

Indiyah, 23

This hotel waitress is buzzing to get away from the pressures of dating in an age of social media, "Love Island particularly is like a closed space and I think it is a great place to get to know someone one-on-one, and build a real connection".

Her type? Nobody. She's open-minded and appreciates people for their uniqueness. As for her tactics going in to the villa in the hopes of finding love, she aims to be 100% herself, "There’s no point faking it".

Looking for Indiyah's Insta? We've got you covered.

Liam, 22

After a three year relationship, Liam enjoyed being single by, as he puts it, "having a little dabble here and there". It seems he knows how to schmooze the ladies and it's about more than just giving them a compliment — it's about the quality of the compliment.

"Pay them a compliment! The thing that girls quite like is that I’m not just like, 'You’re mint.' I’m like, 'Your eyes are piercing'", he explains of his Shakespearean flirting abilities.

He seems to have a cheeky charm and even admits that if there's another lad in the way of someone he feels he has quite a spark with, he'd happily try steal their girl.

Take a look at Liam's Instagram. Sure, why not?

Tasha, 23

Tasha went viral on Twitter last year after modelling for ASOS wearing her cochlear implant — a surgically implanted hearing aid for people who are deaf or hard of hearing.

She's a model and a dancer, but also a jokester, so we can expect her to spice things up in the villa. Her dating history is "trash" so she's ready to find someone who she can be a little more serious with, "my dating life has been a shambles".

As long as he doesn't run for public transport, they'll be fine — seriously, her biggest ick is "If I see a guy legging it to the train".

Tasha's Instagram is right here, waiting for you to have a little look.

Davide, 27

They call him 'The Italian Stallion' and he's quite the romantic too, "I want to find my soulmate, find my person, so I can actually build something in the future".

Big gestures go hand in hand with love for Davide, who once showed up at an exes house, ginormous sign in hand which read, "You are one of the things for which I have fought, and I will fight for you again".

Davide's type is, drum roll, English girls. They love him and he loves them. But he's not into playing games when it comes to his love life, claiming that if he's not getting the attention he wants "I will lose interest in that person".

Take a peek at this Italian stallion's Instagram.

Gemma, 19

This islander is competitive when it comes to many aspects in life, including love. Having competed in arenas around the world for dressage riding, this equestrian is used to working for what (or who) she wants. When it comes to relationships she says "I will always go for what I want".

Oh, and she's professional footballer Michael Owen's daughter. So, we guess that's where the competitive streak comes from. Her family and friends have described her as "very honest and a bit stubborn, straight up and a bit fiery". She sounds like she could be the one to shake things up.

Gemma's instagram is here. If you're lookin'.

Ikenna, 23

This six foot five islander also considers himself competitive, especially when it comes to sports. Could he and Gemma hit it off?

The biggest struggle for Ikenna in terms of his love life is finding someone he's attracted to that's on his level, "pretty hard to find good looking people out there who are my type".

His biggest turn off? Smelly breath. If they pass the breath test, he says he'll know whether he's into someone pretty swiftly, "would instantly know if that person was compatible with me".

See what's happening over on Ikenna's Instagram.

Andrew, 27

This real estate agent is a self-professed relationship person is ready for something serious to bloom over his time in the villa. After his most recent long-distance relationship didn't work out, he's ready to get up close and personal with someone new.

Andrew is "confident" but not in a loud, annoying way — drama queens are his biggest turn off, "someone with a really bad personality and someone who’s way over the top" is not going to be for him.

Andrew's Instagram is right here, should you wish to have a browse.

Amber, 24

As a Nanny, you'd think Amber would be patient, understanding, and gentle, but when it comes to adults it's another story, "I have patience with kids, but adults, they annoy me!".

A real "wild child", Amber is looking for something serious, someone she can "cuddle up" with. But still, she's well aware that there could be a few suitors that catch her eye, and she's sure the feeling will be mutual, admitting that she has "a little spark that attracts quite a lot of people’s attention".

See what Amber is all about over on her Instagram page.


This fishmonger has high standards, especially after having just got out of a four year relationship a year ago. What's he looking for? Someone who doesn't take things too seriously.

He reckons his chat-up lines will win over the hearts of love islanders in the villa, and prides himself on his puns, "Do you like raisins? How do you feel about a date though?". What a catch, huh?

Paw through Luca's Instagram here.

We've got so many questions — who are their types on paper? Who will they couple up with? Who will be the biggest shit stirrer? The anticipation is too much. We can hardly cope.

Stay tuned for all the 'Love Island' goss, updates, and debriefs as the season gets started.