Orlaith Condon is a pop culture aficionado and shite-talker extraordinaire in the best possible way. We've long held her 'Love Island' podcast 'My Pod On Paper' as one of the best in the biz and now, she's got a new pod entirely dedicated to the weird and wonderful world of celeb tea and reality TV with plenty of anecdotes inbetween.

Condon is well-known to people with a taste for reality TV and her podcast style is the equivalent to sitting down with a friend over a glass of ABC (anything but Chardonnay) having a gossip about the latest episodes of 'Love Is Blind' and why Cole is such a bollocks.

'Don't Quote Me' is the audio equivalent to reading the newspaper once a week, but for people who love to know what's going on in the world of entertainment and celebrity.

While the world of showbiz news is often sniffed at, Condon's podcast reminds us why pop culture is so important, whether she's discussing the pop culture history that's unraveling before us on a daily basis or throwing it back to her favourite 'Housewives' moments, of which she's a human anthology.

Each week features Condon's usual podcast stylings; diving into the stories that we may usually only read the headline of and knocking a bit of craic out of just about anything. Like her 'Love Island' pod, she has a new guest on 'Don't Quote Me' every week from the likes of Karla K and KiKi Monique.

We recommend this podcast for your morning commute or on your hot girl walks in the evenings; a celebration of the highs and lows in pop culture week on week, it's not one you want to miss.

Listen to 'Don't Quote Me' here.