More and more hugely famous celebrities are entering the dome of podcasting; Megan Markle has 'Archetypes' which explores the labels that have been assigned to women, Kim Kardashian's true crime pod called 'The System' is three episodes in, and now Em Rata has announced that she's coming out with her very own podcast.

Surprise! Emily Ratajkwoski is kicking off her podcast next month and she's pretty buzzing about it. Before you assume she's hopping on a trend like true crime, we must inform you that she's actually sticking to a topic that's a little more in her wheelhouse.

The genre her podcast will focus on is Popular Culture. That means she's getting into the nitty gritty detail of zeitgeist topics including everything from feminism to sexuality, and social media. Whatsmore, she's going to have a fab guest each and every week.

Ratajkowski shared the news on Instagram, uploading a picture of herself holding a heavy-duty microphone with the name of the podcast 'High Low' across the image.

In the caption, she shared, "That’s right, I finally have a podcast. Now introducing: HIGH LOW! Two episodes each week: every Tuesday, I’ll host an intimate conversation with a special guest, including celebrities, incredible authors, close friends and people I admire".

She continued, "Every Thursday, I’ll bring you a monologue episode, where I’ll pick a theme or a question I’m interested in and get into it—discussing everything from politics and feminism to sex and Tik Tok. I’m really fucking excited! Coming Nov 1. Link in bio!".

Well, that'll be interesting, right? We can't wait to sink our ears into it when it comes out on the first of November.

Are you excited for 'High Low'?