The latest deliciously and historically controversial 'Call Her Daddy' guest was none other than the original reality TV show villain, Spencer Pratt, also known as 'Pratt Daddy'.

Of a TV world that turned Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag into real (and fake) world villains, the crystal worshipping king of one liners Spencer Pratt recently began drip feeding us home truths about 'The Hills' on his TikTok.

The statute of limitations seems to be up when it comes to Spencer Pratt's and the show that made him a "monster". Nothing is off the table for Pratt when it comes to exposing its fake storylines, manipulative scene spinning, and how producers turned he and his wife Heidi into the most hated couple in the world.

In what seems to be a soapbox for perceived TV villains, Alex Cooper sat down with Spencer Pratt (following a spicy interview with Christine Quinn) to chat about life on and after 'The Hills' over Don Perrignon on what he called "the biggest podcast of my life". And boy oh boy, did he have a lot to say.

Starting off with a prayer to God, asking for the podcast to be a positive, "enlightening" experience for listeners, Pratt goes on to chat about, well, life. He talks meeting Meryl Streep on 'Death Becomes Her' set and "having a slumber party with Hilary Clinton" at his friend Charlie's house when he was young.

Despite his qualms with 'The Hills', reality TV was always his destiny — from quite a young age, he always wanted to be famous and a few years later, he even tried to make his own reality TV show on a camcorder.

His show was called 'The Princes of Malibu' and it apparently featured Kim Kardashian. Studying under "fame genius" Nicole Richie and 2000s it-girl Paris Hilton, Spencer learned about how to make an icon, and he had "player, clout, fame vibes" of his own.

Part of the making of his "monster" was on the producers part by painting Heidi as a goody two shoes, when according to Spencer, in reality "real Heidi" was dating A list celebrities like Chase Crawford while also dating Spencer.

Of his initial instincts around Lauren "LC" Conrad, Spencer admits, "she was a nice girl". He goes on to admit to talking Brody into dumping his girlfriend at that time, Nicole Richie.

That way Brody could "fake" date Lauren, and the four of them could double date — the thing that would skyrocket them to newer heights of stardom. We know that didn't quite work out the way he had planned it to, and he explains "I would've loved to never talk [about] her again for the rest of my life".

Throughout the one hour and twenty minute long interview, Spencer dishes more 'The Hills' secrets, growing up with Brody Jenner and 'John Tuckering' a girl in their high school, how to make headlines, and a little about his life now. This podcast is a thoroughly enjoyable, if not very juicy, listen and we highly recommend playing it back for yourself.

Listen to Spencer Pratt on 'Call Her Daddy' now.