The ultimate villain of 'Selling Sunset' exposes the reality of reality TV, her sheltered childhood in Texas as a veritable 'Rapunzel', and who she'd make up with from the cast of 'Selling Sunset'.

On the 'Call Her Daddy' podcast, Christine Quinn is in a head-to-toe latex "matrix' look and off the bat, begins talking about 'Selling Sunset' season one. The woman has received death threats and hate for everything from actually saying something bitchy to doing a headstand during hot yoga.

Within ten minutes, she's dropped so many details about the intricacies of her life on the show, but also behind the scenes; she went to a school where the children were "alternative" (meaning they were pregnant at around 14-years-old and running drug rings), she dropped out of education in the 8th grade (13-14-years-old), and she credits her "street smarts" to those times.

If you read a transcript of the interview you'd think it was a script for one of those godawful Vanessa Hudgens princess movies, in the best way. It's such a devour-able listen. One minute she's talking about her childhood and literally references Rapunzel, the next she's talking about a sugar daddy who'd drop half a million dollars on designer clobber for her.

It's spectacular. We don't want our celebrities to be down to earth. In fact, there's so much hatred towards the celebrities that try to be relatable. We need them to be making vagina-scented candles and telling us that they manifested paying for their own cappuccinos while living in a palace with limestone imported from France. Not cutting cucumbers.

Christine doesn't try to argue that she's actually an angel and editing is solely to blame, though it does play a part according to her. She admits "I'm a narcissist, of course, I'm obsessed with myself". But she divulges show secrets that she thinks may earn her a lawsuit, and to be honest, it wouldn't shock us either.

The 'SS' gossip condensed

Obviously, there's a lot of 'Selling Sunset' chat.

'Selling Sunset', or "the cult" as Christine calls it, has three salary tiers. She and Jason are on the top tier. Is she responsible for her onscreen narrative? Nope. That would be down to the six story-boarders.

She thinks the bribery plot was gas. Not only has she had her own brokerage 'Real Open' in the works since season five, but she wouldn't embarrass herself with a five thousand dollar offer — "What am I a peasant?"

She and Chelsea have laughed over "peasants" before, so we get the feeling that this must be a term she uses often. This from a woman who used to bartend and, in her own words, couldn't afford her own Starbucks? Right.

She is the villain. From the moment Adam DiVello and his team began casting, Christine was the new 'Spencer Pratt', all Loubouttons, Lamborghinis, and lip. She was happy to deliver lines like, "I'm so tired of talking about everyone else's issues. Now, can we just focus on me?" and then act like it didn't happen. How could the other women possibly not understand that this is reality TV, baby?

Christine considers herself to be real and honest. That is, when she's not willingly "down to play ball in fake storyline world" and pretending to be the resident b*tch.

When the fake storylines stopped suiting her, she began "being honest". She claims Adam DiVello, the creator, was not happy and that he even told her "go fall down the stairs and kill yourself".

Christine claims that DiVello was banned from set for misconduct, saying that he's not allowed near any of the female cast. She goes on to cite that he's had complaints in the past, even coming from the likes of Heidi Montag whom he made into a co-villain on 'The Hills'.

Do they sell actually houses? Removing herself from the equation, she responds flat out "no". Correcting herself, she says Mary and Jason "kill it". Even though on 'Watch What Happens Next' with Andy Cohen, she rates Mary's managerial skills as a six out of ten "for effort". Meow. More contradictions.

Snappy takeaways

And if that's not enough gold for you, Christine shared some other juicy nuggets.

She might be the last person we'd take advice from, but Christine reckons she'd be a therapist or a lawyer in another life.

Of all people she wants to make amends with, it's Heather, whom she calls "a chic-fil-a waffle-fry" because "she waffles around".

She never actually admitted to accusing Chrishell (or 'C-shells' as she calls her) of cheating on her husband with Jason, it was all down to editing, evil laugh and all.

Host Alex Cooper says her producer boyfriend immediately pegged Chrishell and Jason as a fake couple, "that girl is disgusted, like she can barely like kiss him". Christine's take? It was "opportunistic" and Jason feelings were real, but Chrishell's were not.

On the topic of Christine's ex cheating on her with her co-star and colleague Emma Hernan while they were engaged, she calls Emma a "liar" if she claims she did not know about their engagement. She claims to have told Emma, face to face.

She recalls telling her "honey, I work at the Oppenheim group, my emails on the website, my cellphones on the website, you give me a call, I will show you any receipts you want to see, last night he was at my house f*cking me".

There's a lot to digest there, but we are pro-don't-believe-everything-you-hear-or-watch-or-read. That said, Christine seems to have gone through some sh*t in her life. We wonder whether that gives her the inspiration for venomous lines like, "I was wondering why I wasn't getting listings and then I was like, oh yeah, it's 'cus I'm not fucking my boss".

Ultimately, we hope Christine gets her wish to have her very own TV show or, at a bare minimum, to have her own spin-off from 'Selling Sunset' as she opens her new brokerage.

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