The trailer for 'Selling Sunset' season five is here and the spotlight is on the relationship between Chrishell and Jason — the co-workers turned lovers that pretty much everyone thinks were/are utter bull.

PR couples are everywhere and if you don't believe us, more fool you to be honest. Some of the markers of a fake couple are obvious — we refer you back to your feelings about Chrishell and Jason.

But some of the more subtle tones of a PR relationship can be difficult to spot, especially to the untrained eye. Thankfully, our comprehensive guide to the telltale signs will help you spot them from a mile off.

There's always a motivation behind it

"You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours" is the 6th official love language, most common among celebrities. When it comes to contracting a relationship in Hollywood, there's always a mutually beneficially motivation. Want to hide something? Want to promote something? Want to distract from something? Want to get more famous-er?

We see them, like, everywhere

Not only is a PR relationship a contract between the celebrity couple who have obligations to get papped together in "X" locations, but there are usually more parties involved in the "relationship". Some brands get in on the action, requiring them to papped in certain locations, holding anything like a certain branded coffee cup or dining at a certain restaurant.

We know, we know. Paparazzi exist and take pictures of celebrity couples all the time. It's just that more genuine couples seem to dislike the attention, while others seem picture-ready — it's almost as if it has been set up. Huh.

Something feels off about them

Remember back when everyone was simply perplexed by the Pete Davidson/Kim Kardashian dating news? Well... that's because it is a weird match and our instincts told us something was off about the coupling from the get-go. People had the same feeling of disjointedness when Shawn and Camilla went viral with their relationship in that awful kissing video.

We're not experts on the celebrity phenomenon, but everything we know we learned from Shannon McNamara of Fluently Forward. Looking for more name drops of potential PR couplings? Listen to her pod.

'Selling Sunset' Season 5 will be back on our screens on April 22nd. Stream on Netflix.