The season five reunion of 'Selling Sunset' came out on Netflix last Friday. A lot went down and yet, in the face of a new season we find ourselves asking whether the show has run its course.

Last Friday, Netflix aired the very first reunion for 'Selling Sunset', but should it be the last? So much was concluded in the special episode that made us feel like they may have peaked. And there are a few reasons for that.

Firstly, her lack of appearance at the reunion signalled to us from the jump that going forward it looks like we're not going to get anymore Christine Quinn — it seems like she's over it and moving on, possibly even starting her own brokerage. That's a pretty big loss for the series if it's true.

Christine is a reality TV diamond; she says and does things that she adamantly denies, she is unapologetically rude, and she spins out meme-worthy quotes every time she opens her mouth (she once said "Too many cooks in the kitchen, too many b***hes in this office"). Oh, and she does it all in double platforms and mini-skirts.

So, if she's gone, who will live up to her (sparkly) villain legacy? Davina Potratz certainly has some potential for the job; she was friends with Christine so that means they have some commonalities, once upon a time she had alienated the office, and in the reunion it looked like she was holding back a lot, meaning she could have some potential beefs.

But honestly, when Davina disappeared from the brokerage for a while, we didn't miss her. She hasn't got the same presence on the show as Christine.

Secondly, one of our main attractions was 'Jashell' and they are completely done, with Chrishell Stause even having a new love interest in her life, the non-binary rapper G Flip. The office couple were the main hook that many people tuned into the last two seasons for.

Without Chrishell and Jason's relationship coupled with Christine's drama, the only storylines we're left with are Davina and Chelsea not getting along (another person dislikes Davina, snooze) and Mary and Romain being on the rocks.

Our conclusion? Season six could work if producers make Chelsea Lazkani the new Christine-level villain since she's got that whole "f" you thing going on, document Christine wherever she decides to move on to, bring in some fresh (and fiesty) brokers, and actually focus on the houses for a little while.

Watch the 'Selling Sunset' season five reunion on Netflix now.