On October 3rd, as any fan knows, it's 'Mean Girls' Day.

But today marks it being added to Netflix, and sure the more days celebrating 'Mean Girls', the better!

In the past, we've looked back on what the main cast members - including Lacey Chabert - have been up to in the last decade and a half.

We've also checked in on some of the 'Mean Girls' supporting cast.

We've reminisced by looking back at the quotes from the comedy classic that we still use today. Heck, even our politicians are still quoting it...

Fans might have also checked into that recent 'Mean Girls' cast reunion. Although, you have to admit, the recreation of that phone call scene was reeeally awkward...

Many of us are die-hard fans and have watched the movie over and over again since its release in 2004. Thus, we thought that this time for our 'How well do remember?' quiz, we'd throw in some pretty tough ones.

You'd have to be really know the movie inside and out to get ten out of ten. But if you get them all, Good for you Glenn Coco, you go Glenn Coco!

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