After 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' was cruelly taken off the air, the series was thankfully saved and put back on - albeit with a smaller episode order for its new season on NBC.

Thankfully, that episode order has now been beefed up with an extra five episodes on top of the original 13-episode order. It's still the shortest season of the series, as most of them usually go for 22 or 23 episodes - but isn't it better than being cancelled?

Here's Andy Samberg announcing the news via Twitter and a very patchy beard.

No air date has been set as of yet for the new season, but it's understood to be some time in early 2019 going by NBC's scheduling in the past. Given how the series was given cancelled so abruptly, showrunner Dan Goor confirmed that the upcoming season wouldn't end on a cliffhanger like previous ones, "because were we to be cancelled after those seasons, I think it would have been really disappointing for our fans."

As it stands, the last season just gone ended with Captain Holt just about to open an e-mail either confirming or denying his new position as Commissioner, whilst Jake and Amy finally tied the knot. A lot of people felt that the episode was really drawing a line underneath itself and had it not been for Holt's e-mail, it would have tied off just about every one of the plot strands in the series.

That said, it's such a good show and hadn't even come close to running out of creative energy - so here's hoping there's more to come from the Nine-Nine.