Yes, we're fully aware that wrestling is fake and, yes, it's all a little bit naff and silly - but you don't dare tell us that the People's Elbow isn't one of the most electrifying wrestling finishers ever conceived.

Ever since the grainy videos from Sky One back in the day, wrestling finishers have always had a special in popular culture. Sure, most of them are completely superficial and very often, if they're discussed in public, they sound suitably daft.

Yet, for all this, everybody knows what a Stone Cold Stunner looks like. Hell, Donald Trump is a recipient of one. Yes, really.

So, which is the greatest wrestling finishing move? Here's how some of the most famous moves rank in our estimation.


10. THE DOOMSDAY DEVICE, as performed by the Legion of Doom

This was an early '90s favourite. One guy hoists the poor bastard up rover their shoulders while the other guy jumps off the top-rope and clotheslines him. Legion of Doom did it the best, although Undertaker and Kane were known to perform a variation on it once in a while.

Likelihood of getting up from it: 30%


9. THE SPEAR, as performed by Rhyno, Goldberg, Tazz, Edge and others

Although it's a mainstay, there's few who have done the Spear better than Rhyno. Also, worth pointing out that Rhyno - real name Terrance Gerin - stood as a Republican candidate in the election for the Michigan House of Representatives. So not only can he spear poor souls, he can also tax them as well.

Likelihood of getting up from it: 15%


8. SWEET CHIN MUSIC, as performed by Shawn Michaels

Yes, it's essentially just a hard kick to the jaw. But, come on, with Shawn Michaels doing the kicking, it becomes something else entirely. Also, even in the early '90s, the microphones could still pick up that loud CLAP when it connected just right. Had us fooled.

Likelihood of getting up from it: If you're Hulk Hogan or Ric Flair, maybe 50%


7. THE PEDIGREE, as performed by Triple H

That Pedigree into a layer of thumbtacks in the 2000 Royal Rumble still haunts us to this day.

Likelihood of getting up from it: If there's thumbtacks involved, 0%


6. THE RKO / DIAMOND CUTTER, as performed by Randy Orton and Diamond Dallas Page

Originally by DDP, then taken on by Randy Orton, then became the subject of countless meme videos of diminishing quality.

Likelihood of getting up from it: About 40% to 50%, depending on the velocity


5. THE SHARPSHOOTER, as performed by Bret 'The Hitman' Hart

Forget Ric Flair's Figure-4 Leg Lock. Forget Sting's Scorpion Deathlock. This was the submission hold of champions. The best there is, the best there was, the best there ever will be.

Likelihood of getting up from it: 0%, unless you've got crutches


4. THE TOMBSTONE, as performed by the Undertaker and Kane

It's called the Tombstone because it looks like you're driving the other person into the ground like a tombstone, and it was used by a wrestler called The Undertaker. That's what you call brand synergy.

Likelihood of getting up from it: About 15% now, although back in the '90s and '00s, it was 0%




This one actually did look disgusting, which made it (seem) more realistic than others. Also, shout out to the Rock-N-Sock Connection for having the greatest tag-team name ever.

Likelihood of getting up from it: With barbed wire on the sock, -100%


2. THE STONE COLD STUNNER, as performed by Stone Cold Steve Austin

The current President of the United States of America was stunned by Stone Cold Steve Austin. That is a factual statement. Trump was a major part of a wrestling storyline, he was attacked by Steve Austin and he took part in shaving Vince McMahon's head. America is so f*cked.

Likelihood of getting up from it: MAKE STUNNERS GREAT AGAIN, 0%



1. THE PEOPLE'S ELBOW, as performed by The Rock

Yes, it's essentially an elbow drop. But come on, how many people cheered at the top of their lungs seeing this? Exactly.

Likelihood of getting up from it: If you know your role, 0%