For anyone over the age of 20, Kane is synonymous with red-and-black masks, setting things on fire and generally being a crazy-scary monster who regularly chokeslammed people way, way smaller than him.

Of course, so it goes that wrestling careers eventually end and given the disturbingly high mortality rate of performers after their time in the ring, it's kind of touching to see some of them go on to new and better things - just like Kane has done, with his political career. The former wrestler, whose real name is the far-less scary Glenn Jacobs, has just been elected mayor of Knox County, Tennessee with a reported 66% victory over Democrat challenger Linda Haney.

Jacobs' victory makes him only the second WWE performer to be elected to public office, with Jesse 'The Body' Ventura serving as Governor of Minnesota for four years and mayor of Brooklyn Park, Minnesota - also for four years. Most WWE performers, with the exception of Mick Foley, are generally aligned with the Republican Party. Linda McMahon, who is the wife of Vince McMahon and is often referred to as the co-chief executive of WWE, is currently serving in the Trump White House as the head of the Small Business Administration and previously ran for the senatorial seat in her home state of Connecticut.

Jacobs' last on-screen performance as Kane took place just two months ago when he turned up for an episode of 'SmackDown!' - right in the middle of his mayoral campaign, by the way - to give Daniel Bryan a dig-out in the middle of a match.

Good on him, in fairness. Here's that moment.