In his on-the-record interview with The Sun - which he's since dismissed as "fake news" - Donald Trump made a number of hilariously wrong and unbelievably stupid comments about Ireland.

The one that's gotten the most attention so far stems from his belief that Ireland is in the United Kingdom. That's right, folks. The current US President believes that Ireland is still loyal to the British Crown and under the banner of the United Kingdom.

Do we need to get the map? Let's get the map.

Here, you can see Ireland - it's right there where the red marker is - and highlighted in blue is Dublin, our capital. To the right, you can see the United Kingdom of England, Scotland and Wales. We'll ignore that line around Northern Ireland for the moment because clearly, geography isn't your strong suit, and it's a complex issue and that's not really your strong suit either.

These are two separate islands and two separate countries. We fought a war 102 years ago about this very thing. So... yeah. Read a map.

Got that squared? Good, now, let's move on to the second part of Donald Trump's hilariously wrong and unbelievably stupid comments about Ireland.

Let's check the quote again. "I believe that the people in the UK – Scotland, Ireland. they like me a lot.”

Obviously, we're an entertainment website that writes the odd article about this sort of stuff and we can't readily presume to know the mind of every single Irish person or - indeed, every Scottish person, for that matter.

But when you go around baldly spouting bullshit the way he does and making the assumption that people like you - and you're insulting them with your ignorance in the process - you can be pretty certain they don't. At all. Not even close. Not even a little bit.

Not. Ever.