It's been a week of True Detective news with Colin Farrell kicking things off saying he was to take one of the four leads in the show, and a couple days ago Vince Vaughn was offered the second. Speculation has been rife regarding who would take the third female lead, with it seeming like every actress in Hollywood was up for it at some point. However, now the rumour mill has reached overdrive as Variety has reported that Rachel McAdams has been offered the role and confirmation is imminent. Although her IMDB profile has already been updated to include the series, so we reckon this is a goer.

McAdams name was thrown into the mix a few weeks ago, but given that Jessica Biel, Jessica Chastain and Keira Knightley also seemed to be in the running, it was hard to know what to believe. It looks like The Notebook star has clinched it though with the initial problem only lying in scheduling difficulties, however that has been sorted out in the last 24 hours, sources told Variety.

McAdams is said to play the character of Monterey Sheriff Ani Bezzerides, who struggles to balance her drinking and gambling problems with her professional attitude at work, according to HBO's description.

Undoubtedly a hard hitting role, which many may speculate if she can even pull off. McAdams is known mainly for her roles as the romantic lead in the likes of previously mentioned The Notebook, as well as The Time Travellers Wife, About Time.... and in general any recent movie that has involved love and time travel. Can she really take on as juicy a role as this and come out smelling of roses?

In fairness to the actress, she didn't do half bad alongside Philip Seymour Hoffman in A Most Wanted Man, and has never fallen flat on her face in any movie from as far back as her breakout role in Mean Girls. Well she did literally fall flat on her face in that movie, but never mind that.

Vince Vaughn and Rachel McAdams in the same project though? We won't even say it, the Wedding Crashers prequel jokes are already all over the interweb.