They may still be 'together' as a couple, but Curtis and Maura from 'Love Island' have still not made it official.

The pair appeared on 'This Morning' yesterday and while Phil and Holly tried their utmost to get them to confirm that they were boyfriend and girlfriend, they refused to play ball. And the result, it has to be said, was pretty cringy to watch.

Phil asked “So are you boyfriend and girlfriend?” and Curtis awkwardly replied: "You've caught me off guard here... No, and I am not going to do it on TV because I don't want to make it a public thing. If I'm going to do it, it's going to be in private."

Not content with that answer, Holly desperately jumped in with "Not even half-boyfriend and half-girlfriend?", at which a smirking Maura exclaimed 'Oh, you had to bring that up!'

When they agreed that they would eventually like to become an official couple, Phil insisted on pushing for an answer. “Just be boyfriend and girlfriend, then," he said, like a desperate nan gagging for an excuse to buy a hat for a wedding. "If it was ever going to happen on any TV show... it's our 10 year anniversary tomorrow.”

Maura later added: “We have not had one argument since leaving the villa. It so so much easier, coming out [of the villa]. We know we are together, we know we are happy."

Maura is set to join Ryan Tubridy on 'The Late Late Show' sofa this Friday, so she can expect more excruciating grilling on the same topic.

Meanwhile, Amber and Greg will also make one of their first TV appearances together since winning the show on the 'Late Late' this Friday.