With 'The Late Late Show' heading back to screens next month, the first guests for the upcoming season are beginning to materalise.

Among them is, of course, Maura Higgins from 'Love Island'. RTÉ confirmed the news earlier today, but stopped short of announcing a specific date for Maura's arrival on the show. It's not yet known if Curtis will be on the couch with her, but given how the pair seem to be inseparable, anything's possible.

Since leaving the villa and 'Love Island', Maura has been flat-out with public appearances and keeping up with the busy schedule - to the point where she freely admitted that she was exhausted by it all. Over the weekend, Maura cancelled a number of public appearances over the hectic scheduling.

"I'm completely ran down," Maura told her Instagram followers yesterday evening. "I have been in with a doctor and I'm feeling good cos last night I had a really, really good sleep, and I haven't really got a lot of sleep since leaving the villa."

"I do feel bad that I've had to cancel some work for the next couple of days, but I need to do it for me because I am shattered. I've not had time for just - you know normal day-to-day stuff, like go to dinner or go to the cinema, I've not had that."

Meanwhile, Sinead O'Connor and 'This Way Up' star Aisling Bea are set to kick off the new season of the 'Late Late Show' as guests in the opening episode, which airs on September 6th.