Well for the day that's in it, why not? You may remember earlier in the year 'This Morning' chatted to a woman who was trying for a baby with her ghost boyfriend. Well, those of you rooting for those two crazy kids will be delighted to hear that they are engaged.


Yep, ghost dude, who Amethyst (the human woman) refers to as 'Ray', popped the question recently and the pair are now preparing to tie the knot.

Ray even joined Amethyst on 'This Morning', so naturally Philip wanted to have a chat with him, asking:  "What was it about Amethyst that made you fall in love?"

Ray was feeling quiet however so Amethyst stepped in to answer saying  the "connection was very strong".

New co-host Rochelle Humes was clearly bemused by the whole thing but fair play to them both, they kept it together.

Sure look, each to their own and all that.

Watch below: