Matt Damon has swapped his Supervalu bag for a glass of whiskey and a copy of Tori Spelling's 'Story Telling' book in a funny sketch acted out with chat show host Jimmy Kimmel.

Making his first public appearance since hanging out with local Dalkey residents, Matt Damon has reappeared by photobombing Jimmy Kimmel's address to the viewers of his talk show. However, the actor has made the sensationalist claim that he's been hiding out in Jimmy Kimmel's bedroom all this time - which we know is far from the truth.

Walking out of his bedroom wearing a face mask and holding a glass of whiskey, Matt interrupts Kimmel by saying: "I haven't been on. I've been back here three months waiting."

You see, Kimmel is taking a break from hosting for the rest of the summer months (after which time he'll hopefully be back in studio, rather than filming from home), and he took to announcing the news at the end of his most recent show. While he's away, he'll be getting some celebrity friends to fill his boots. However, his address didn't go to plan, with a dressing-gown-wearing action hero coming out of the woodwork - literally.

Judging from this little awkward encounter, which cements the pair's long-running TV gag, we don't think Kimmel will be inviting Matt back to host his show while he takes a break. But, more importantly, will the Dalkey residents welcome the actor back with open arms after he's denied ever hiding out here all this time? Matt is due to return to our shores to film Ridley Scott's 'The Last Duel' at some point in the future - all we wanted was a shout-out Matt.

Here's the clip of Matt Damon with Jimmy Kimmel - and Jimmy's wife Molly.