Considering there's generally a pool going on how long 'Love Island' couples stick together when exposed to reality, it's rare enough that actual couples will form once the show is over.

There are some examples, sure, but this season has seen a higher burn rate - if that's the right expression - than other years with couples. Amber and Greg have parted ways, as have Belle Hassan and Anton Danyluk, not to mention Chris Taylor and Harley Brash.

However, one couple has managed to weather the storms of post-reality TV life and make it through intact - and it's none other than our own Maura Higgins and Curtis Pritchard. Speaking to OK! Magazine, Maura explained that Curtis asked the Longford native out over dinner in London, and explained why he waited so long to ask. Namely, because he wanted something "that's going to last forever."

Ah, bless. Maura went on, saying that there was "no point in rushing things," and that "we've only known each other a short amount of time." Since leaving the show, Maura's now signed up for 'Dancing On Ice', while Curtis has signed up for 'Drag Race UK' as a guest choreographer along with his brother, AJ. Not only that, but Curtis is also set to appear in next season's 'The Greatest Dancer' as the show's receptionist.

See? True love can exist on reality TV. Let a thousand blossoms bloom, etc.