In the midst of yesterdays 'Love Island' gossip, news, and reactions, you just might have missed one of the most telling interviews yet with ex-Islanders Molly, Jazmine, and Charlie. No stress, we've got the crucial details for you.

Yesterday, Murad Merali released his sit down interview with some of the islanders who left the villa post Casa Amor. Their time on the show was limited, but for what lacked in onscreen appearances they certainly made up for in this tell all interview.

It's conversations like this that remind us that we are in fact watching a structured reality TV show with story editors, production, and... choices. The two bombshells, Molly and Jazmine, who joined the lads for Casa Amor revealed that while their airtime was reduced, there were unseen moments that should have been included.

Andrew was flirting his head off, Coco is not as innocent as she seems, Jay had a connection he didn't pursue, Luca's getting a bad edit, Gemma fancies him just as much as he fancies her, and Billy knows how to charm his way to the top. Let's get into the details.

We'll start from the top. Both Molly and Jazmine came in hot, criticsing Andrew initially for his antics during Casa Amor (and after tit-lick-gate), but not just for what we saw unfold between he, Coco, and Tasha. Oh no, there were plenty of behind the scenes secrets revealed by the bombshells.

While they're certain Andrew had real feelings for Tasha, Charlie chimed in that "he just wanted to one up Tasha", referencing her uncertainty around the relationship with Andrew.

But Jazmine clearly has a bone to pick with Andrew, claiming that the initial spark was between them and telling host Murad Merali that Andrew had told her he "manifested her" and that "my prayers had been answered". She was sure the connection was solid.

According to Jazmine, he let on that he planned to sleep outside out of respect for Tasha, but that he did feel something between them. Then, after Jazmine had a conversation with Coco about fancying Andrew "I was like oh my God, I think I'm gonna come out with a boyfriend", Coco went straight to Andrew and kissed him.

Molly chimes in, remarking on how long Coco and Andrew were rustling under the covers that night and said of Coco "she is playing a big game in that villa", continuing "she's got no responsibility for anything she does". Jazmine even admits to having an argument with Coco and shouting at her, but that clearly wasn't aired.

Addressing the hate online towards the women for meddling in Andrew and Tasha's relationship, they agree on the fact that "the boys didn't like Tasha" and were egging them on to reveal some outsider information.

Not only did Molly connect with Davide and Jacques (who told her to wear "those red knickers" from her suitcase in bed with him), she also had a connection with Jay.

Their chats weren't shown, but she reckons her desire to get to know other men in the villa put him off and he set his sights on Chyna, with whom "conversations were quite forced".

The group has a resounding admiration for Luca, despite the edit showing him to be something of an over protective, perhaps even controlling, character.

Of Dami's criticism that Luca was being "fake", Jazmine says the boys were rattled because Luca was "putting them to shame" with his commitment to Gemma. Charlie adds that Gemma is just as into Luca as he is her, but the edit leads the public to perceive it differently.

Speaking of poor edits, Charlie definitely thinks Iain Stirling's commentary impacted his public perception as a posh lad and while he can laugh it off, he states that it's just not true.

The group also address the question on everyone's lips — what is with the 'Love Island' photographer? According to the girls, there's no studio lighting, there's no monitor to consult your image, and he takes about two shots and that's it.

Of the latest and probably most controversial bombshell in 'Love Island' history, Jazmine has strong feelings about Adam Collard. Familiar with him through one of her exes, Jazmine says he's "not a very respectful man". Tell us something we don't know.

Watch the interview in full on Youtube.