Last night's episode of 'Love Island' gave us a flurry of intense emotion from Jacques. The flip flop can be epitomized in one micro-event — Jacques told Billy it was okay to sit down while he chatted to* (*at) Paige and then quickly told him to "f**k off".

Hot-headed and reeling, Jacques kicked off the episode by, well, kicking off. In what became a Chinese-whispers about what Adam had said to Paige about her relationship with Jacques, we watched as Jacques began to spiral, spilling his emotions all over the villa.

The next morning, without any visible deliberation, Jacques decided that his 'Love Island' journey was over, stating that he had to put his mental well being before anything else, especially in an environment wherein he didn't feel like himself.

Red nosed, teary eyed, the twinkly tear-jerking music played in the background, and Jacques said his goodbyes and told Paige he was going to wait for her. Here are the many fan theories that are swirling around online after the unexpected exit.

Firstly, the bromance between these two has potentially been the biggest loss of the season.

There's a lot to be said for taking things at face value.

Some people are seeing both sides of the coin.

And some are just flat out having none of it.

The conspiracy theories are flying in.

The bigger picture is also important to consider.

These are pretty universal sentiments.

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