If you were in the mood to watch the boys (ahem, Davide) kiss their way through the new girls, then last night must have been a real treat.

Casa Amor of season eight of 'Love Island' has been opened, and with it comes a hell of a lot of shifting and tension, the latter of which we'll get to soon.

First, let's talk about all the kissing the boys were getting up to. Having spent one night alone in the villa without any girls present, it seems the whole lot of them have forgotten all about the girls that they were coupled up with - for the most part.

Luca still seems to have his heart set on Gemma, but Davide, Dami and Andrew were making moves on the new arrivals. Coco kissed both Andrew and Davide, with Davide also kissing Mollie. After some flirting up in the terrace, Dami then shared his first kiss with Summer. Jay, meanwhile, had a conversation with Chyna, with sparks potentially flying between the pair.

Meanwhile, over in Casa Amor, the girls have been much tamer than their male counterparts; Danica, who had yet to make a real connection in the main villa, seems to be hitting it off with new boy Josh; while Ekin-Su still has her eyes on Davide, even though new boy George is interested in getting to know her.

Before the episode concluded, Dami and Luca came to verbal blows, with the Irish contestant claiming that Luca is "fake", only appearing on the competition so he can win the show with Gemma. When Luca suggested that Dami sleep in the same bed as Summer that night, Dami retorted: "Stop egging other people on. Just be real for once."

Luca suggested that Dami was feeling bad for kissing Summer, due to him still being coupled up with Indiyah. Dami replied that he's not a genuine person, claiming he says one thing to Gemma and then behaving differently with the boys. They both hugged and made up in the end, but it'll be interesting to see if this situation escalates over the coming days. Ah, the things that happen when "love" (ahem, £50,000) is involved...

Here's how viewers were reacting to last night's full-on Casa Amor 'Love Island' episode.

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