There is a extremely high level of talent on this year's 'Dancing with the Stars', and while it's still to early too say for sure who will walk away with the Glitterball trophy, the odds-on favourite has always been Johnny Ward.

The former 'Fair City' and 'Love/Hate' star has impressed viewers week on week with his moves but has somehow never managed to quite get the high scores. That changed last night when at last the judges praised Johnny's performance and gave him his highest marks of the season. Johnny scored 27 points for his rumba with partner Emily Barker, earning nine points apiece from the judges.

Brian said: "For me, rumba is all about the leg action... three years now I've been looking at rumba and I've never seen a male celebrity give me a leg action like you've given me there. Absolutely phenomenal... all you need to do now is - we know you're a great actor - focus on the technique, don't worry about acting it. Just relax and enjoy the performances and let us now see the real Johnny. Technically, that was high class."

While Loraine said: "Thank you, thank you so much... because you slowed it down so much.  I've been tough on you but you have now really given me the opportunity to look at you as a dancer.  It was really very, very good. I love the relationship tonight, you danced the rumba - the essence of it as well. I think tonight three people are happy, you, Emily and Me."

Guest judge Darren Bennett also praised Johnny, adding: "This is exactly what a rumba is all about."

Johnny was clearly delighted with the remarks and his score, and so were viewers: