It's been a tough year for actor and comedian Rob Delaney and his family. In February the 'Catastrophe' star announced the devastating news that his two-year-old son Henry had passed away following complications due to a brain tumour.

Amazingly, this was around the time that Delaney wrote and filmed the third series of 'Catastrophe' alongside our very own Sharon Horgan. It's difficult to imagine someone getting out of bed in those circumstances, never mind creating one of the most popular comedies of recent times. How did he do it?

“You’ve got to go to work,” he says, in an emotional interview with The Sunday Times. “And I want my kids to see their dad go to work.”

“Here’s the thing. I had a big cry earlier today about Henry. My wife and I also had a big laugh earlier today. It might surprise somebody to find the parents of a child who died 11 months ago really laughing, but grief for me has not made other emotions impossible. It has introduced a new mood or feeling I never knew before, and is profound. But jokes are still funny, things that piss me off can still make me angry, sad can be sad, exciting can be exciting.”

The American also revealed that he and his wife Leah became parents again recently and how difficult a decision it was to have another child.

"We likely would’ve had a fourth anyway. But I mean, there’s mixed feelings. It’s sort of like they touch each other a little bit, but they almost exist in separate lanes. Having another child in no way, shape or form eases the grief of Henry dying."

"But also having Henry dying doesn’t make our new son any less magical. I want to gobble him up and he deserves our full attention and love, and he grew in the same womb as Henry."

Delaney is back doing stand-up and will appear alongside Nicole Kidman and Charlize Theron in a movie about disgraced Fox News founder Roger Ailes. But will there be anymore 'Catastrophe' after the upcoming fourth series?

“I don’t think so — anytime soon, anyway. Here’s my feeling. It used to be that my life was somewhat more pedestrian, and Catastrophe was the crazy place. Well, now my life makes Catastrophe look like…”

Via: The Sunday Times