Were you watching Castastrophe last night? If not, you better have a good reason, because it's currently one of the funniest shows on television and it's written by and stars our own Sharon Horgan alongside American comedian Rob Delaney.

Season three kicked off last night and didn't let down as the show found even more ways to disturb and entertain with the deliciously dark humour of Sharon and Rob. Unlike season two, that flashed us forward a few years, season three picked up exactly where we left off, with Rob's discovery of the receipt for Sharon's morning after pill. A few awkward lies later and a much-needed trip to Burger King for Rob, it seemed Sharon had got away with her possible crime, but she decided to go on another night out with friend Kate (the fantastic Eileen Walsh) to investigate further.

Turns out, Sharon had been a wee bit naughty, and while she didn't do the deed with her young musician friend, some definite non-marriage friendly activity happened. 'It will be okay', we thought, 'Sharon and Rob can get passed this', however suddenly we were launched into a steamy romp between Sharon and said young musician and were gobsmacked at the betrayal of it all. Until Kate turned up in the bed too and we quickly realised it was all just a dream, just like Bobby Ewing was still alive, so was Sharon and Rob's marriage... for now.

It was ultimately little Frankie's accident that brought out the truth from Sharon as she confessed all in her own inimitable way at the hospital while Rob was left getting his head around it all. As usual though, even the serious scenes are so superbly well written that they can manage to slip in some whip-smart one-liners at any moment;  Rob questioning whether Sharon would have been so good with him if he had split his eye open and pointing out that she probably would have just about given him her Oyster card and then text him with a shopping list when at the emergency room. Too good.

Things ended very much on a note of uncertainty for the pair and we already know that the following five episodes will be spent with them trying to get back on track, but at least we know they are going to do it in the most real and yet comical way possible.

Overall, to come back so solid into a third season of a show proves that Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney have struck gold in their comedy partnership, and to be honest, we'd be happy watching this pair grow old together with as many seasons as Channel 4 would undoubtedly be happy to give them... or at the very least until Johnny Depp gets fat.