Considering Donald Trump is the kind of person who thought America needs a Space Force, Ireland is in the UK, and that fast-forwarding through movies is the way to watch them, wanting to buy Greenland isn't the craziest thing to imagine.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Trump has spoken with his aides with "varying degrees of seriousness" about purchasing Greenland from the Kingdom of Denmark, of which it is an autonomous country.

While the idea seems batshit in the modern era, it's actually got some precedent in US history. For example, the US Virgin Islands were purchased in 1917 from Denmark, then previously known as the Danish West Indies. Not only that, President Harry Truman tried to buy Greenland in 1946 for $100 million - and was rebuffed.

Needless to say, Trump's latest scheme was more than enough to get a few jokes out of people on Twitter.

This is a good point, because there is a very strong possibility that Trump doesn't actually know the difference between the two. Of course, had he watched 'The Mighty Ducks 2' like the rest of us, he'd know that Greenland is covered in ice, and Iceland is very nice.

In any case, given how the US is probably headed for a recession in the next six to eight months, there's very little real possibility that he's actually going to be able to do any of this. Still, it's probably not even the stupidest/craziest thing he's going to try to do before his tenure as US President is over, so expect more of this in the remaining months. Just to make it even more silly however, former Danish Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen got in on the Twitter jokes as well.