There really is a laundry list of things to dislike, detest, despise and be downright frightened of when it comes to Donald Trump.

However, one particular point that's come up time and time again is Donald Trump's complete and utter lack of nuance or examination. He's been brazen about the fact that he doesn't read briefing reports because he's "a smart guy" and doesn't need the nuance or full information to make a decision. Not only that, he favours bullet-point summaries over in-depth analysis because, y'know, he's Donald Trump and he's a smart guy.

It even goes to the fact that he loves Twitter - which is all about the drilled-down message and completely lacking in nuance - and deliberately eschews long-form thought and writing.

Therefore, it shouldn't come as any surprise that Trump doesn't watch films like you. In fact, Trump doesn't even watch films - he speed-watches them. In a 1997 piece in The New Yorker, Trump explains that he can get any film down to 45 minutes. Why? Because he's a monster, that's why.

No, as the piece describes it, Donald Trump has someone man the remote and fast-forward through plot, substance and exposition so that he can get to the action scenes. No, really. As the article tells it, Trump got bored watching Michael - yes, that terrible film with John Travolta as an angel - and decided to watch Jean-Claude Van Damme's Bloodsport instead.

"(He) got bored and switched to an old favorite, a Jean Claude Van Damme slugfest called Bloodsport, which he pronounced 'an incredible, fantastic movie.' By assigning to his son (Eric Trump) the task of fast-forwarding through all the plot exposition - Trump’s goal being 'to get this two-hour movie down to forty-five minutes' - he eliminated any lulls between the nose hammering, kidney tenderizing, and shin whacking."

Not only that, it seems Donald Trump isn't just a lying sack of shit when it comes to everything; he also lies about his favourite films too. In a piece published by Movieline back in 2012, Trump called Citizen Kane his all-time favourite film and said it was "one of the greats of all time."

Citizen Kane is the film that people cite as their favourite when they're trying to look smart and sound like they know what they're talking about. So, yeah, clearly full of shit.

But what can be inferred by how Trump takes in films? Well, for one, it shows he has a complete lack of understanding in how films work. Secondly, it tells us that he doesn't give a crap about the actual substance of anything and instead opts for the splashy, over-the-top action moments in the way a toddler might. Thirdly, it tells us that he doesn't have respect for the vision that director Newt Arnold had for the film.

You'd just know if Donald Trump went to the cinema like a regular person, he'd be the guy who'd take phonecalls through out the film, talk during it and probably leave before the end and make everyone get up out of their seats to let his fat ass out, too.


Via The New Yorker