Donald Trump, as has been proven time and time again, is an avid viewer of Fox News.

In some cases, the US President has lifted talking points wholesale from Fox News because he saw it there. Therefore, this particular moment is quite exquisite and plus, who doesn't love seeing live news broadcasts being messed up?

Nobody, that's who. The moment occurred in Lyons, France where the US had retained the Women's Soccer World Cup title for a second year in a row. As the Fox News broadcaster began his live report from a bar, someone clearly clocked that it was A) Fox News and B) live, and decided to bring the crowd together with a hearty "F*ck Trump" chant.

All of which the hapless Fox News broadcaster was unable to ignore and hapless to prevent. Either way, it makes for a smashing moment of live television.

Take a look.

The other part of this, as well, is that US soccer player Megan Rapinoe has had some beef with Trump. In a recent interview which went viral, Rapinoe made it clear that she wasn't going to the White House should the US team win.

Naturally enough, Donald Trump couldn't help himself and had to barge right into the middle of it with his own two cents, saying that he'd extend an invitation one way or the other, but that the US team should win first.

Well, they did - and they're now even more likely to not go after this.