You're probably thinking, "Hey,, why are you writing about Fox News being mad about the metric system? Maybe stick to entertainment news?"

First of all, you're not the boss of us and we'll write whatever we want. Secondly, this is too stupid for it not to be entertaining. This is like a perfect encapsulation of not only how hilariously dumb American culture has become, but how do you get angry at a unit of measurement?

How do you seriously have a chip on your shoulder because something comes in units per hundred or thousand? How can you honestly find fault with a logical progression of size, weight and distance?

That was a segment on 'Tucker Carlson Tonight', a programme on Fox News that's regularly torn to shreds by late-night comedy talk show hosts and people on Twitter. No joke, when we first saw this segment, there was a part of us that automatically assumed it was some kind of joke, like Chris Morris and 'Brass Eye' or something.

It wasn't. It's real. The best part is that you have a banner that reads "IS THE METRIC SYSTEM COMPLETELY MADE UP?" at one point. Yes, yes it is. It's a measurement system that was made up to help rationalise units into something everyone could understand.

There's also another part where Carlson, that's the guy on the left, talks about accepting the Euro in the US. It's... the Euro. It's our currency. Why would anyone accept it in the US? That doesn't even make any sense?

Granted, none of this makes sense, but having a problem with the metric system is a special kind of stupid.

America is doomed, basically. Enjoy the video.