Will Ferrell’s Anchorman features in our list of 10 Comedies You Need to See Before You Die and it’s no wonder.

The film is hilarious, unforgettable and full of iconic moments between Ron Burgundy’s ridiculous lines, the Afternoon Delight singsong, and face-off between the various news teams of San Diego.

There was also the brilliant ongoing reporting of the panda giving birth, which no doubt serves as a commentary on fluff news nowadays. The sequence was even referenced again in the sequel, Anchorman 2:


In a pretty crazy move, a Fox News presenter, and avid supporter of Donald Trump, decided to refrain from reporting the latest on the President and his attorney to instead report on panda sex and aggression (and in case you’ve forgotten, aggressive bears feature in the Anchorman finale too).

It really happened.



The director and co-writer of Anchorman, Adam McKay, noticed the similarity and pointed out how scary it is when fiction becomes truth:



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