Seeing as how Donald Trump tried to buy the place just a week ago, it seems oddly fitting that Conan O'Brien is now in Greenland and delivering local weather reports.

The flame-haired comedian is apparently in Greenland and turned up on Kalaallit Nunaata Radioa, Greenland's broadcasting service, to deliver a weather report for the region, broadcasting out of the nation's capital, Nuuk. By all accounts, Conan O'Brien was doing his level best to read the teleprompter.

Unfortunately, does not yet have any native-speaking Greenlandic members of staff, nor do we actually know anyone from Greenland, so we're just going to have to assume that Conan knocked the report out of the park. Given how Greenland has been at the centre of a diplomatic incident with the US in the past couple of days, this weather report should go some way to healing the rift between the two nations.

Here's the video from KNR's YouTube account and, we assure you, this is all very real and actually went on Greenlandic airwaves.

Take a look.