Subway and McDonalds have fresh beef with each other over their new ad campaigns. 

On the 'Conan' show, while trying to read out cue cards about the latest ad campaigns by the fast food giants, Conan O'Brien was distracted by an audience member in the front row. The audience member in question, Gus, was also trying to read the cue cards too. 

Of course, O'Brien embarrasses the poor lad by pulling him up onto the stage, and has him stand beside him as he breaks the story to the audience. Hilarity ensues, as Gus can't stop giggling, and keeps reading the cue cards, saying to O'Brien that it's a "habit". Weirdly, it all culminates in Gus feeling Conan's face.

The story Conan is trying to tell the audience, is that Subway started an ad campaign targeting McDonalds specifically, with the tagline "Is your burger routine feeling a little flat?", and McDonald's have hit back at Subway in unbelievable fashion.

They have referenced, not so very subtly, to Subway's former spokesperson Jared "The Subway Guy" Fogle, who was arrested in 2015 for being a child molester. Too far maybe? We think it's a stroke of genius, and might put a stop to Subway's bashing of Maccas. 

Take a look at the full clip below: