We forget, sometimes, that TV shows and late-night talk shows are made by people - and people mess up.

For example, a host might fluff a line or two, jokes don't land or guests simply don't get on with the host. But when a guest actually doesn't turn up AT ALL in the first place, there's a different thing altogether.

So it went with last night's 'Conan', where Kumail Nanjiani - one of the stars of upcoming action-comedy 'Stuber' - was unable to make a taping of 'Conan', due to scheduling with the final season of 'Silicon Valley'. Now, normally, hosts would come out and apologise, explain the situation and then wheel out a replacement guest and move the show along.

Not Conan. Oh no. That's too easy.

Instead, Conan launches into a ten-minute segment about how, in the show's 25-year history, it's only happened once before. The guest in that case was Liza Minelli, explaining that he didn't think he'd have to deal with "another troublesome diva". But to make it sting for Kumail Nanjiani even more, Conan went one step further.

Conan went out and actually got clips for the movie that 'Stuber' is competing with at the box office this weekend - Disney's live-action remake of 'The Lion King' - and played them instead of 'Stuber'.

That's a galaxy-brain move right there. Take a look at the segment.