Woody Harrelson is probably best known from his roles in 'True Detective', 'White Men Can't Jump', 'The Hunger Games' or even going back as far as 'Cheers'.

However, Harrelson's father - Charles Harrelson - is famous, but for a different reason. He died in prison in 2007 after being convicted of assassinating a federal judge after he was hired to do so by a major drug trafficker. In fact, Charles Harrelson was a well-known organised crime figure in Texas, and was even referenced obliquely in Cormac McCarthy's 'No Country For Old Men' - which Woody would end up starring in.

A new podcast by investigative reporter Jason Cavanagh and Brett Harrelson, Woody's brother, traces the four months where Brett lived with his father, which just so happened to be around the time of the murder that saw him later convicted with two life sentences.

'Son Of A Hitman' will run for ten episodes, but Woody will not appear in the series and it's not hard to see why. The actor has almost never spoken about his father in public, and believed his father did not receive a fair trial.

The podcast will, however, feature interviews with many who knew Charles Harrelson, not to mention featuring Brett Harrelson himself and his own recollections from the period.

The podcast is a Spotify exclusive and will begin on May 5th.