Podcasts have been around for a long time now, and with so many different topics up for discussion and debate, it can be quite overwhelming trying to commit your time to a select few.

But, if you're in the mood for romance and rom-com podcasts, then we've created a list of the best choices available to you at the touch of a button. So if you're the type of person who can't get enough of movies with a love story, or are always hooked on the latest 'Love Island' drama, then you should check out some of our picks below.


'36 Questions'

A musical number which will leave you feeling every emotion under the sun, this podcast sees a husband and wife attempt to save their marriage, which is tiptoeing around divorce. In order to try and save their happiness, the couple attempt to use the 36 questions that have been designed to make strangers fall in love. A high recommendation, '36 Questions' is a quick listen, as it only features three episodes that are less than an hour.


'One True Pairing'

One for everyone who loves classic couples from movies, TV, and real-life, 'One True Pairing' is a podcast centred around celebrating everything we love about the likes of Ross and Rachel, Jerry and Dorothy from 'Jerry Maguire', Johnny and Baby from 'Dirty Dancing', and even Prince Harry and Meaghan. Hosts Erica Martirano and Marissa Sangiacomo delve deep into why we all love a great romance story, and how relying on gossip and looking at celebrity couples can take over our lives.


'Modern Love'

A collaboration created between The New York Times and Boston radio station WBUR sees host Meghna Chakrabarti get very recognisable faces to read incredible true stories. Narrating stories about love, loss, and everything in between, 'Modern Love' has featured huge names such as Jake Gyllenhaal, Angela Bassett, Pedro Pascal, Rachel Weisz, and Stanley Tucci reading passages, stories, and personal essays from some very talented writers. It serves as a lovely podcast that you can dip in and out of whenever you feel the need to listen to some Hollywood A-listers in your ear.


'Jules and James'

A fictional series brought to us by Through the 4th Wall, 'Jules and James' follows the lives of two young artists to meet via a misdialed phone call. The half-hour podcast series sees the two continue their new relationship each week, which began on unknown ground to both of them, and allows them to open up more than they thought it was possible to a stranger on the other line. If you're a fan of such serendipitous happenings, then all episodes are available from wherever you listen to your podcasts.


'Thirst Aid Kit'

Bim Adewunmi and Nichole Perkins host a thought-provoking podcast whereby they are delving into the question of Hollywood inclusivity and how women have been thirsting after sexual icons. From way back when up until the present-day modern film-making times, the presenters offer up quite a hilarious take on which celebrities they've found themselves drooling over. And yes, even our own Andrew Scott from 'Fleabag', AKA The Hot Priest, gets a mention.


'Love and Luck'

A dramatic love drama like no other, the podcast begins with Jason and Kane who have been set up on a date together through a mutual friend. 'Love and Luck' is told via voicemails each one leaves for the other, and follows the couple's journey as they embark on a new relationship - and the discovery of their magical abilities. The series recently returned with a special of how both of them are getting on while they spend extra time together in self-isolation.


'The Diarist'

The podcast drama sees Andrea Davies, who is on the look for a husband for herself. Set in 1950's New York City, the hard-working woman ends up getting involved in a scandalous storyline involving love, temptation, and an adventure into the unknown. The romance thriller is a nice companion for anyone who is a fan of noir fiction, and looking for something that isn't all happy families, but has a bit of an edge to it.


These are just seven romance and rom-com podcasts that might be of interest to you - let us know if there's any others you have been listening to recently. Be sure to check out our other podcast recommendations here.