With so many fandoms out there, it can be hard to keep track of everything happening in the world of pop culture. However, whether you're a veteran or a latecomer to the below universes, we're sure you'll find a new podcast that will be right up your geek-filled street.

Here are our top choices when it comes to a fandom podcast.

'Office Ladies'

We all loved 'The Office US', and sadly, after 201 episodes the show called it a day back in 2013. If podcasts are new to you, but 'The US Office' isn't, then we can't recommend 'Office Ladies' enough. The podcast stars co-stars and actual real-life best friends Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey (who played Pam and Angela) as they recount each individual episode in hilarious fashion. The besties give us insights and little-known factoids about each episode that viewers, let alone each-other, knew about their involvement in each episode.



As a self-confessed "Potterhead", it can be hard to fathom the fact that there are people out there who HAVEN'T READ THE BOOKS. Bearing this in mind, and calming down ever-so-slightly, the discovery of 'Potterless' in the podcast section was a refreshing find. Having never read the seven entries in the series before, host Mike Schubert has taken it upon himself to read every book in the 'Harry Potter' saga and report about his findings. It can be infuriating at times, especially when he bashes Quiddich, but it's a fun listen nevertheless.


'I'm Obsessed with This'

This podcasts discusses what each special guest has been watching on Netflix, as they plead their case and attempt to get listeners to watch their favourite shows. There is an extremely strong lineup of guests who appear in the series, such as Charli XCX, Kevin McHale, and some of the 'Queer Eye' gang, and each give their own Netflix recommendations. A funny podcast to listen to - and a handy one if you're stuck for something new to watch on Netflix too.


'Diva Dive'

Join Mark and Hiruni ask themselves the burning question in every episode: "Do we stan?" 'Diva Dive' highlights the career of each individual musical artist who are known for their exceptional diva qualities. Artists such as Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Nicki Minaj, and every other (current) powerful commander of the charts is picked apart in a devilishly honest fashion. If you're looking for a new music podcast, it's a good shout to start off with.


'Mickey Waffles'

An Irish Disney podcast from "Disney-nerds" Sinead and Kate, the two presenters talk about all of the latest Disney-related news, as well as giving their own opinions on the movies, merchandise, and of course the Disneyland and Disneyworld amusement parks. In their most recent episodes of the fandom podcast, they will be discussing a classic Disney movie each week, and the first movie on the list to be covered is 'Hercules'.


'Countdown to Infinity'

So, the whole idea of the podcast when it first launched in 2017 was to anticipate the release of the final two 'Avengers' ensemble movies of 'Infinity War' and 'Endgame'. As the podcast progressed, so did the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and the podcast discussed all of the details regarding each new cinema release. Now that Marvel's phase three has moved onto phase four, the topic of conversation has moved onto what's to come later this year, as well as discussing previous Marvel efforts that haven't been in Kevin Feige's vision.


'Stranger Still'

Imagine a podcast about 'Stranger Things', but with a sprinkling of discussion about the metaphysical landscape that the TV series deals with. A podcast with a difference, as well as debating topics such as the upside-down and their favourite scenes from the first three seasons, the hosts look past the cultural references and take a look at why the series is so popular. They also manage to do real deep-delve into the metaphysical elements of the show.



Right, so we know there are plenty of people out there who have never seen or heard of anything 'Star Wars' related - ever. And so, hosts Nicole and Lauren have taken it upon themselves to watch every movie in the 'Star Wars' universe, starting with 'Episode IV: A New Hope', and give their verdict to immersing themselves for the first time into the intergalactic franchise. If you've never been a fan of the franchise either, it may be an easy starting point for you.