Given how much movies have shaped and influenced popular culture, it's no surprise that they make up a fairly hefty chunk of podcast output today.

As with all podcasts, however, each and every one of them is going out of their way to do something different to separate themselves out and you can find a podcast on just about any movie topic you like without much searching.

With that in mind, we've pulled together 7 sure-fire hits for movie fans.

We kick things off with...


7. 'The Rewatchables'

The Ringer's made some of the best podcasts out there, but the one that's had the most legs over the past few years is undoubtedly 'The Rewatchables'. Each episode takes one movie and sees the Ringer's staff break it down and assess not only why it's so rewatchable, but how it became so rewatchable. The best part? All episodes are up on Spotify, so no need to wade through archives for any movie specifically.


6. 'Denzel Washington Is The Greatest Actor Of All Time PERIOD'

With a podcast title like that, it's hard not to guess what it's about. Hosted by comedians W. Kamau Bell and Kevin Avery, each episode goes into one of Denzel Washington's movies and attempts to qualify the title of the podcast, with the help of some guests along the way. It's that simple.


5. 'The Movies That Made Me'

'Gremlins' director Joe Dante and Joe Dante interview a new person each week and finds out, quite simply, the movies that made them. Guests over the years have included the likes of Roger Corman, Bill Hader, William Friedkin, Ron Perlman, and many more, talking about what movies made them get into movies.


4. 'The Plot Thickens: I'm Still Peter Bogdanovich'

The first season of TCM's 'The Plot Thickens' dives deep into the life and career of Peter Bogdanovich. Originally a noted writer and cinephile who hung out with Orson Welles in his waning years, it charts his meteoric rise in Hollywood, his passionate affair with Cybill Shepherd, and how he soon found himself on the icy fringes of Hollywood, not to mention a brutal murder of someone close to him. As documentary series go, it's one of the best out there on movies and filmmakers.


3. 'Truth and Movies'

Hosted by the staff of Little White Lies, 'Truth and Movies' is covers everything from movies you've previously ignored to the most updated news from industry insiders, all of it done with a level of expertise and care that makes it one of the top movie podcasts out there. Required subscription if you call yourself a movie buff.


2. 'I Was There Too'

Have you ever looked at an actor in a major scene in a movie and wondered whatever happened to them or what was it like being there and seeing that up close? 'I Was There Too' is a fasincating journey into the actors, big and small, who were there in the key moments. For example, comedian Greg Proops gives a hilarious and fascinating insight into the behind-the-scenes drama of 'The Phantom Menace', while Paula Malcolmson of 'Deadwood' discusses filming the iconic HBO series.


1. 'The Revisit'

Yes, we had to plug our own stuff. We couldn't let this opportunity go by without doing it. Season 1 of The Revisit is up on all podcast platforms. What is it, you ask? Well, Movies Editor of Brian Lloyd interviews some well-known Irish names like Blindboy, Kojaque, Elaine Crowley, Chris Greene, and others, and talks to them about a movie of their choice. They pick the movie, and together, they try and figure out why they picked it and why they love it - or hate it, in some cases.