Although podcasts now encompass a wide range of topics and subjects, it's safe to say that most people get into by way of celebrity interviews.

It's basically the cornerstone of podcasting in general (we even got it on with our limited series, 'The Revisit') and it's no surprise that some of the best podcasts out there feature celebrity interviews. The reason for that is pretty simple, however.

Podcast interviews always tend to offer a level of intimacy and informality that you just don't get with a typical junket setup. For one thing, they often take place in people's homes and that's pretty vulnerable to begin with. Not only that, it's often the case that they get far, far longer than normal junket interviews.

With that in mind, here's 6 recommendations for celebrity interview podcasts.


6. 'Oprah's SuperSoul Conversations'

Well, come on, it's Oprah. She's been doing celebrity interviews and has gotten them to open up for decades. That she's turned her hand to podcasting and still never lost a step with her skills as an interviewer just tells you what a pro she is. Not only that, but the warmth and familiarity she has with guests like Michelle Obama and Tina Fey is really something.

Recommended episode: Definitely the Michelle Obama episode


5. 'The Griefcast'

Yes, talking about death can be somewhat morbid - especially given the current state of affairs in the world at the moment - but the reality is that it can often be the case where closing the door on something can be really cathartic. Not only that, the guests - which have included a diverse range of familiar names, including our own Aisling Bea - really do buy into the concept and open up. Plus, some of the anecdotes are too funny to be forced.

Recommended episode: Aisling Bea's episode is a cracker


4. 'WTF with Marc Maron'

Marc Maron, along with Joe Rogan, really paved the ground for broad interviews in a way that's caught on to where it is now. It's very often you find that any lengthy interview you find is taking something from Maron's work, but it's how Maron offers himself up in interviews that makes it special, whether it's freaking out in front of Brad Pitt (who was a huge fan, apparently) with his broken recorder or if it's just his own ramblings on the decay of the world around him.

Recommended episode: You'll have to search for it, but the episode he did with Josh Brolin was fantastic


3. 'Clear + Vivid with Alan Alda'

That's right, Hawkeye from 'M*A*S*H' or Senator Arnie Vinick from 'The West Wing' or whatever else you associate him with - Alan Alda has a podcast and it's actually great. There is something incredibly soothing about his voice, and the frankness in which he addresses his own failings as an actor, as a human being, in his interviews is really something. Not only that, but the guests he's had on the show are also top notch.

Recommended episode: Way too many to choose from, but his episode with Adam Driver was pretty special as was his episode with Alec Baldwin.


2. 'The Adam Buxton Podcast'

If you laughed and enjoyed The Adam & Joe Show, you'll already know that Adam Buxton is more than capable of spinning a yarn or two out of interview guests, and the podcast is no different. As much as any interviewer can, Buxton is able to get guests to if not laugh at themselves, at least find the ridiculousness in celebrity culture in a way that few interviewers are able.

Recommended episode: The two-part episode with Chris Morris is an all-timer


1. 'Conan O'Brien Needs A Friend'

We've made no secret of the fact that we here on this website are giant fans of Conan O'Brien and his podcast has been a pleasure from start to finish. His interactions with his assistant Sona Movsessian are made with such natural humour, not to mention producer Matt Gourley, that you could easily listen to an hour's worth of that without the guests.

When the guests come in, however, it's really where Conan just shines through in a way that his talk show never could. With the exception of a couple of guests, almost all of them have been fellow comedians and performers and that's when the show is at its best. It's not just that it's two comedy nerds picking apart the science of it, but it's how they actually start to improvise bits and just riff together that makes it the best celebrity interview podcast out there today.

Recommended episode: Too many to choose from, but definitely the Jeff Goldblum episode was a cracker, as was the Eugene Levy / Catherine O'Hara episode.