Although most people know Leah Remini from 'King of Queens' and so on, she's become more known lately for her work in investigating Scientology.

Remini's documentary series, 'Scientology and the Aftermath', followed the actor's investigation into the secretive organisation, of which she was a former member and is now one of its most prominent critics.

The series, which ran for three seasons on A+E in the US, also revealed how Scientology actively targets and harasses former members and vocal critics. The organisation, however, has repeatedly denied Remini's accusations.

However, the series is now moving to a podcast, with the show's co-host Mike Rinder telling EW that the new version will "further, deeper, harder and stronger", while Remini added that A+E's network rules "dictate to us what we can and can’t say, or what we can and can’t do."

The first episode begins next Tuesday, July 21st, and will be available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and all major podcast platforms.