Alex Cooper, host of the 'Call Her Daddy' podcast, sat down with Kristin Cavallari recently to talk about her life on and off screen.

Growing up, Cavallari knew she’d be destined for TV. Of course, on ‘The Hills’ she was one of those unforgettable, crucial characters spitting one-liners that weren’t even scripted and swiftly became one of the main characters — the anti-hero to Lauren Conrad’s “good girl” shtick. 

But before the opportunity fell into her lap as she would put it, she had plans to get into broadcast journalism rather than roaming around Laguna Beach and then LA being “the biggest female player”.

As much as Cavallari was portrayed as a hardcore, out of control party girl on the show, that wasn’t truly a reflection of her youth which she does admit was wild and fun, “what you saw on the show was all bullshit”.

Just like so many of the ex-’The Hills’ cast members, Cavallari fell victim to false narratives and there was one in particular that really got to her. It wasn’t the fake makeup then breakup storyline with Brody Jenner and his then girlfriend Jade.

Rather, she was unhappy about the story peddled by her fellow co-stars like Lo Bosworth that she needed to seek help for a drug problem “he bribed the girls to call me out on camera for doing drugs with a purse”. The purse? She’s pretty sure it was a Birkin bag.

Laughing about it now, Cavallari shares “I just hope that Lo learned that you always have to get that sh*t in writing cus she never got her purse”. Adam DiVello, however, was the true mastermind behind the show and she claims that while he’s a good producer “he’s not a good person”.

But Cavallari’s iconic lines weren’t scripted — like when she told Audrina and Stephanie “You came at me like f**king piranhas”. That was an entirely genuine reaction, but to a behind the scenes moment. Plus, she admits to being hammered in that moment “I’m better when I have a little buzz”.

Since her divorce, Cavallari has very specific criteria for any future beau “I want the man to put in some fucking effort”. More than anything, she wants her kids to see her happy and see her being treated well by somebody.

Host Alex Cooper asks her whether or not she’d get back together with her now podcast co-host Stephen Colletti and even though they kissed two years ago, it’s a no from Cavallari.

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