In what's becoming an increasingly familiar move for major podcasters, Joe Rogan has signed an exclusivity deal with Spotify.

From September 1st, the show's entire archive - including the YouTube channel - will be made exclusive to the podcasting platform. Per a report in the Wall Street Journal, the figure is expected to have cost Spotify a cool $100 million.

Rogan confirmed the news in yesterday's episode, stressing the point that the show will remain exactly the same as before. "I'm not going be an employee of Spotify, we’re gonna be working with the same crew doing the exact same show... nothing else will change. We’re very excited to begin this new chapter of the JRE and we hope you’re there when we cross over."

Rogan also said that Spotify will have no creative control over the show, and added that the show will remain free and clips will still be added to the YouTube channel, however full shows will only be available on Spotify. The show, which first began in 2009, has had some notable guests along the way, including Robert Downey Jr., Bernie Sanders, and of course, Elon Musk.

Here's the post from Rogan's Instagram confirming the news.