Other Voices has launched a new podcast to celebrate 20 years in the Irish music business.

'Ireland's Edge' is a new eight-part series that has been launched by the creative minds behind the quintessential Irish music festival, Other Voices.

Other Voices started out 20 years ago, and since then has brought musicians and artists from across the world to the tiny town in Kerry, Dingle. The likes of Amy Winehouse, David Gray, Florence and the Machine and countless Irish and international artists have graced the festival over the years. And now the essence of the event has thankfully been packaged up in podcast form.

The multidisciplinary series presents conversations and stories from some of the most compelling voices across Ireland and internationally. Produced by 'Ireland’s Edge' under parent production company South Wind Blows, the podcast features recordings adapted from conversations, debates and spoken word performances at the annual Ireland's Edge event last December.

Voices from the series include host of the podcast, Christopher Kissane, a historian and writer from Kerry, as well as Senator Lynn Ruane, author Mark O’Connell, writer and broadcaster Manchán Magan, and aerospace engineer and economist, Sinéad O’Sullivan, along with spoken-word performances from wordsmiths FeliSpeaks and Dyrt.

In the first two episodes of the 'Ireland's Edge' podcast, we listen to Grammy-award winning US musician Rhiannon Giddens, and Dr David Kenny and Chief Justice Frank Clarke.

Episodes one and two of 'Ireland's Edge' are available to listen to via Acast now.