The comedy / comedian podcast is now a very populous genre, and yet, it's a space that's been largely dominated by male comedians.

Here and there, you'll see the odd few, but now, it's finally getting its moment as comedy icons French & Saunders are set to join the space with their own show, aptly titled 'French & Saunders: Titting About'.

The six-part series will cover topics such as Passions and Hobbies, Holidays, School, The Seven Deadly Sins, Food and a final episode titled 'If We Were Alive Now', which delves into their career, and where they are now.

Dawn French described the series as "the best fun I’ve had without my incontinence pants on. Which, on reflection, was a mistake. Some soft furnishings were damaged in the making of this series." Jennifer Saunders, meanwhile, said she couldn't "imagine anything I’d rather be doing than titting about with Dawn. We both have tits, after all."

Yes, they do.

French & Saunders' sketch show ran for well over a decade, beginning in 1987 and running up until 2004, while both of them individually starred in their own groundbreaking comedy series. French was the lead in 'The Vicar of Dibley', while Saunders was Eddy Monsoon in 'Absolutely Fabulous' opposite Joanna Lumley.

The series is currently exclusive only to Audible.