Comedian David O'Doherty sums up exactly how you're feeling about the coronavirus epidemic in his new podcast 'Isolating with David O'Doherty'.

We're all on the hunt for more podcasts to listen to now we're stuck at home, but it's hard to choose the right one. Do you commit to coronavirus related chat (interesting, but also miserable) or escape reality altogether with something light-hearted but completely unrelated?

Well, comedian David O'Doherty has just brought out 'Isolating with David O'Doherty', a new podcast that covers both. We say "podcast", but it's really just David talking on his own in a car. And it is truly wonderful.

To keep his elderly parents safe and away from the coronavirus epidemic, he has brought them out to stay at his grandmother's old house on Achill Island. As it's not situated in the town, the chances of social interaction are fairly slim, apart from the occasional sheep.

Every few days he's been going out to his car to talk about his thoughts on the current situation. It perfectly sums up what a bizarre experience Ireland and the world is going through right now; the anxiety that comes with worrying about the health of our loved ones, but also the strange moments of joy at having time to waste.

It's a very Irish solution to the crisis - run away to Achill Island and live amongst nature in the pissing rain. As to be expected, David covers a random selection of topics: losing work, getting back to nature, going to the toilet on a rock (yes, really). But you are always guaranteed a laugh. The nice thing to hear during this period of self-isolation is that we're all feeling the same feelings, even if we can't be in the same room as our friends and family.

If you're going for a lonesome walk and need a companion, there are four episodes currently available to listen to for free. It's hidden away in The Second Captains podcast, so search for that rather than David O'Doherty.