Six Marvel-centred TV series are heading our way throughout 2021. Let's dive into each property to see if we can guess what's to come.

Alright, so 2020 didn't turn out as expected. What are you gonna do? Production delays last year means that 2021 will see a raft of MCU series flooding onto Disney+ this year. 'WandaVision' is already making waves as each new episode premieres - and we're salivating at the thought of what else is on the horizon.

Here's a rundown of each superhero series that is expected to arrive on Disney+, which will make up the majority of Marvel's Phase Four plans for this year.


Due To Air: Already streaming (final episode March 5)

The first of the MCU series to hit our screens hasn't disappointed as of yet. At the time of writing, we're only three episodes in of nine, and we're more curious than ever as to what is happening. We do have a few questions though.

We'd love to share our theories as to what it all means, but if you haven't begun to watch the series yet, we don't want to spoil anything for you. So, get watching!

'The Falcon and the Winter Soldier'

Due To Air: March 19

Pitting two of the Marvel Studios' secondary characters together could prove to be a risky move. We don't really know these characters very well (but hey, we didn't know Wanda or Vision that well either to be fair), so the jury is out on this one.

Looking to be a straight-up action/buddy/on the road series, 'The Falcon and the Winter Soldier' does have one thing going for it, however: which one of them will pick up that shiny shield and become Captain America? The shield is painfully obvious in the series artwork, so this is likely to be the crux of how it will all play out.

In the comics, BOTH Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson have taken on the mantle of Captain America, so we'll likely be left guessing who it will be until those credits roll at the very end of the series. Since Bucky has already had a movie with his name attached ('Captain America: Winter Soldier'), we're going to go out on a limb and say Sam Wilson will be the new Captain. You heard it first, folks.


Due To Air: June 11

Let's be honest - the 'Loki' MCU series is the one we're all most excited to see, right? We're all dying to know what the hell Tom Hiddleston's God of Mischief has been up to.

Last we saw of him, he managed to escape (while being gagged and handcuffed) using the Tesseract in 'Avengers: Endgame'. But as we can see from the trailer, the Asgardian winds up in a desert (minus the gags and cuffs) before being brought into a mysterious facility named TVA (while cuffed and collared) by Morbius M. Morbius, played by Owen Wilson. There is some trickery at play - who is that mysterious hooded figure? - where is Richard E. Grant? - and wait, is that Black Widow looking on from Vormir? - but we wouldn't expect anything less from a series centred around Loki.

As with 'WandaVision', expect to be kept in the dark about 'Loki' until each episode airs. Marvel has become synonymous with keeping their cards kept tightly to their chests with all of their movie properties, and these MCU TV series should be treated the same.

'What If...?'

Due To Air: Summer 2021 TBC

The first Marvel-centred anthology on Disney+ is coming in the form of an animation series. It'll feature all of the superheroes we know and love - but they'll be changed dramatically. Based on the comics of the same name, each of the characters will have an altered origin story; such as, what would have happened if Peggy Carter was given the super-soldier serum instead of Steve Rogers?

One of the main reasons to be excited about 'What If...?' is that all of the characters we see will be voiced by their on-screen counterparts. Samuel L. Jackson is back as Nick Fury, Chris Hemsworth as Thor, Karen Gillen as Nebula, Josh Brolin as Thanos, and even a posthumous Chadwick Boseman as T'Challa.

Expect this to be a surprise hit - a second series is already in the pipeline.


Due To Air: Late 2021 TBC

The title that we know the least about - but the one we can assume we know the basics of what's about to happen - is 'Hawkeye'. The character with the crossbow was never worthy of his own standalone movie, unfortunately, and all signs are also pointing to the character not even being the main focus of his MCU series either.

Kate Bishop, Clint Barton's daughter, will be taking up the "Hawkeye" mantle during the course of the series. Hailee Steinfeld has been cast as the character, and there have been rumblings that she will be an integral part of a "Young Avengers" crew that's likely being set up as offshoots from many of these MCU TV series.

According to Jeremy Renner's Instagram, the 'Hawkeye' series has wrapped filming, so it should be on track for its late 2021 release. Expect a teaser trailer to arrive soon.

'Ms. Marvel'

Due To Air: Late 2021 TBC

Aiming at a slightly younger demographic here, Marvel Studios' 'Ms. Marvel' will be bringing one of the newest Marvel characters to life. Not to be confused with Captain Marvel or the other fictional superheroes under the Ms. Marvel guise (there's been a few), this iteration will follow the origin story of Kamala Khan.

Kamala's version of the superhero earned overnight comic book success, becoming the first Muslim superhero to have her own standalone comic series. Her backstory involves the 16-year-old Pakistani/American being a total stan to the original Ms. Marvel (now Captain Marvel - Carol Danvers), before realising that she is actually an Inhuman. In the comics, her abilities include being able to shapeshift, elasticity, and to heal at an alarmingly fast rate.

Actor Iman Vellani has been cast in the central role of this MCU TV series, and given that she takes over the mantle of Ms. Marvel from Carol Danvers, we reckon Brie Larson will be making an appearance here at some point. That is, of course, unless Marvel decides to go down a different route. Another potential inclusion to this "Young Avengers" team? Absolutely.

And that ends the MCU TV series run on Disney+ for 2021. As well as these series, Marvel's Phase Four for this year will also include theatrical releases such as 'Black Widow' (currently scheduled for May 7), 'Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings' (July 9), and 'Eternals' (November 5). There's also that eagerly-anticipated 'Spider-Man' multiverse sequel due in December.