'The Bear' is without doubt, one of the biggest TV series of recent years - and certainly one of the biggest successes of US network FX.

If you've followed the ups and downs of Carmy (Jeremy Allen White) and his cohorts in the first two seasons, you'll be well aware that Season 3 of the show is highly anticipated amongst fans - particularly after the way that Season 2 ended with that dramatic 'getting stuck in the walk-in fridge on opening night' cliffhanger between Carmy and Clare.

So when a clip of Season 3 (which is expected to premiere in June, where Irish viewers can watch it on Disney+) leaked prematurely online in recent days, FX were not happy about it.

It appears that the leak came from a Disney shareholder's meeting, where shareholders were given a taster of what S3 held in store for viewers. Somebody at the meeting secretly captured the footage and posted it to X - but FX have already ordered its removal from all media sources.

"Today during The Walt Disney Company’s Annual Shareholder Meeting, a clip from the upcoming third season of FX’s The Bear was shown as part of the presentation," they said in a statement released yesterday. "The clip was subsequently captured and shared publicly without permission. This clip is not authorized for use beyond the shareholder meeting and we request that you and/or your outlet do not post or share it in any manner. If it has already been posted, we request that it be removed immediately."

It appears they've been pretty comprehensive about cleaning up the mess, too, as the clip is now impossible to find online. Not that we were looking, or anything.

However, People report that the short clip showed a nervous Carmy, with Ted and Neil, in the office of the restaurant as they pasted pictures of well-known food critics on the wall, so that staff would be aware of them. He said "I hate this feeling", but added: "This looks good, though. This is smart. Good job" before leaving the office looking 'spooked'.

The good news is that the show has already been renewed for a fourth season, which is expected to film back-to-back with Season 3 and run over the summer - leaving White then free to potentially pursue that Bruce Springsteen film he is the hot favourite for...